Our culture is founded on equality, diversity and inclusion and we promote and foster these in our entire value chain

Marimekko’s culture and working environment are founded on equality, valuing diversity, and inclusion. No discrimination is tolerated at Marimekko. The company wants to provide a safe, caring, communal and respectful working environment for all of its employees.

Any issues relating to potentially inappropriate behavior are investigated according to set processes. The company promotes equality based on an equality plan, provides training for its managers, and measures success with the results of employee engagement surveys, among other things.

Equality and authenticity have been important values for Marimekko since its early days, and the company wants to actively promote diversity, equity and inclusions in its communities. Supporting inclusion through its choices in imagery and representation is a constant and consistent part of Marimekko’s marketing activities. In addition, Marimekko works with a wide range of models, influencers and creatives to make sure that the company fosters diversity e.g. in age, size, gender and ethnic background.